Things to do in Fort Lauderdale

With so many things to do in Fort Lauderdale, it's impossible to have a bad trip.

Fort Lauderdale is a southeastern city in the state of Florida. It has recently been rated one of the best places to live in the US. But there are a lot of great things to do in Fort Lauderdale, making it a hot travel destination too. From upscale hotels to fabulous beaches to a delicious food scene, there is a lot Fort Lauderdale has to offer.

If you’re dropping in for a short stay, you want to be prepared for your trip. To save you the trouble of research, I’ve put together a list of 8 things that you must do in Fort Lauderdale. Let’s dive into it!

Hit the Beach

Fort Lauderdale has miles and miles of amazing beaches. They look even more stunning at sunrise.

Situated on the Atlantic coast, Fort Lauderdale has several incredible beaches. Any one of them is a good place to relax. You can work on your tan, swim in the ocean, or take an excessive amount of photos like me. The water is the perfect temperature: refreshing, but not too hot and not too cold.

Just a heads up, though. Florida is currently experiencing a large bloom of seaweed. So don’t be surprised if you see giant mounds of seaweed on the shore.

Las Olas Boulevard

Las Olas Boulevard is a cultural hub of Fort Lauderdale with lots of trendy restaurants and shops.

Bars, restaurants, cafes, art galleries, fashion boutiques. You name it. Las Olas Boulevard is a Fort Lauderdale hub for shopping and dining. Whatever you’re looking for, you can probably find it here.

Even if you just want a pleasant stroll, Las Olas is the place to go. The boulevard is known for its unique architecture. It also stretches over the Intracoastal Waterway, offering views of high end homes and stunning yachts. So whatever your taste, you’ll find something to admire.

Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

One of the best things to do in Fort Lauderdale is take a break from the city and visit Hugh Taylor Birch State Park.

Another one of the best things to do in Fort Lauderdale is visit Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. The 180-acre park offers a break from the bustle of the city and the beach. Here you can walk around and enjoy the coastal wilderness. You can go fishing, camping, biking, picnicking, and paddle boarding. The choice is yours. So you don’t need to leave Fort Lauderdale to get a taste of nature.

The Bonnet House Museum & Gardens

The Bonnet House is a wonderful place in Fort Lauderdale that promotes environmental preservation and creative expression.

The Bonnet House is another chance to find a peaceful escape in Fort Lauderdale. The house was created in 1920 by Chicago artist Frederic Clay Bartlett and has since become a center for creative expression and environmental preservation.

Of course, the house itself is wonderfully embellished in a unique, artistic way that everyone can enjoy. There is a clear embrace of history and culture. But the grounds themselves are also a beauty to look at. There are 5 distinct ecosystems found on the property. There are even some squirrel monkeys.

Experience the Culinary Scene

Takato is a wonderful Japanese-Korean fusion restaurant in Fort Lauderdale. The food is to die for.

Fort Lauderdale has an incredible culinary scene. While it can be on the expensive side, you will definitely get what you pay for. So loosen those purse strings a bit.

Given Florida’s proximity to Latin America, Mexican and Latin food is pretty easy to come by. If you want an authentic Italian meal, I recommend Casa d’Angelo. They cook classic dishes that will put nanna’s recipes to shame. If you’re in the mood for Japanese or Korean food, you can find both at Takato. I’d even recommend stopping by just for cocktails because the drinks are as flavorful as the food.

The point is you have so many options to choose from. If you want it, you can find it in Fort Lauderdale. So listen to your stomach, and let it guide you to an unforgettable meal.


The art murals in Hollywood, Florida are so full of color and life like this tropical sea turtle bursting with color.
Mural by Ernesto Maranje

Although not technically part of Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood is a small city you should check out if you have the time. Despite its size, Hollywood has a lot to offer. There are plenty of entertainment options and independent shops to peruse. But Hollywood is best known for its art murals downtown. The collection of outdoor murals comes from an array of talented artists on a local, national, and international level. Art lovers will have a field day with Hollywood’s vibrant artistic and cultural scene.

The Broward Center for the Performing Arts

One of the best things to do in Fort Lauderdale is visit the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. There are hundreds of performances every year.

The Broward Center for the Performing Arts is one of the best entertainment venues in all of South Florida. In fact, it is one of the top ten most-visited theaters in the world. The Broward Center hosts over 700 performances per year. That includes opera, ballet, Broadway musicals, concerts, and more. So check on their website to see what new performances they have during your stay.

Walk the Riverwalk

The Fort Lauderdale Riverwalk is a great place to shop, eat, and enjoy a lovely stroll.
Courtesy of Richard McNeil

Finally, one of the best things to do in Fort Lauderdale is to walk the Riverwalk. Not far from Las Olas Boulevard, it is a collection of parks in downtown Fort Lauderdale that brings together the tropical waterfront with the vibrant, urban atmosphere. And since it’s downtown, you’ll find plenty of trendy shops and tasty restaurants.


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