The Jinvali Water Reservoir is a beautiful lake with blue waters surrounded by dense, green forest.


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Hi, I’m Andrew. I’m a New York native on a journey to see the world’s most beautiful destinations. I tried to settle down in a few different countries, but the world always calls to me. Sooner or later, my wanderlust gets the better of me.

A selfie of Andrew in Madrid's famous Retiro Park.

Society taught me that “success” meant a prestigious education and a stable professional career. So I studied hard like a good, little boy. I received a BA from Columbia University and an MA from University College London. From there, I knew I was supposed to get a steady job, but nothing ever caught my interest. All I could think about was traveling.

I got my first taste of international travel while studying abroad in St. Petersburg, Russia. I surrounded myself with a foreign culture, foreign language, and foreign people. And I couldn’t be happier. Instead of studying for our finals, my friends and I traveled around Central Europe. For once in my life, I felt fulfilled and empowered. Those experiences gave me the courage to travel solo and the inspiration to live abroad.

When I moved to London for my master’s degree, I took every opportunity I could to explore Europe. I even met a flight attendant for a date in Stockholm because why not? Anytime is a good time to travel.

The Gudauri Ski Resort sits high in the mountains, which are brilliant and green in the summer.

In 2020 and 2021, Covid slowed down my travel aspirations. But once countries started to open up, I reignited my passion for travel with a trip to Georgia. The rest was history. I couldn’t stop myself from hopping around from place to place. Even if I didn’t meet society’s idea of success, I don’t regret my decisions at all. The world is full of amazing destinations, and I won’t stop until I see all of them.

Mostly I funded my trips by teaching English. Language is another passion of mine, and I relished the opportunity to share it with others. Having said that, travel is my true calling. So I made this website my priority.

These days I spend my time crafting helpful travel guides and working with hotels to showcase all the delights they have to offer. To achieve this I have invested a lot of time and effort honing my skills in photography and media. But it’s all been worth it. Now I get to watch my readers take their dream vacations and my hotel collaborations reach the proper audience. Oh, and it’s been pretty fun for me too!

favorite destinations for:

Food- Italy, France, Spain, Japan

Wine- USA, Italy, France, Spain

Nature- Georgia, Italy, Greece

Culture- Austria, Spain, France, Japan

Art- France, Spain, Russia