Agora Place Tokyo Asakusa Hotel Review

Agora Place Asakusa Tokyo is a cheap and convenient option for those wishing to stay in the heart of Tokyo.

It’s no secret that Tokyo is one of the hottest places to travel. Thanks to its technical and cultural wonders, millions visit Tokyo every year. To accommodate all those travelers, the city offers a wide variety of hotels. Some are jaw-dropping, luxury stays, and others are the bare minimum. But for a mix of comfort and convenience, consider Agora Place Tokyo Hotel.

Let’s face it. When you visit Japan, there is so much to do that you will barely spend anytime in your hotel. So why waste money on non-essentials? That’s money you can spend on fun, food, and adventures. Go out, explore, and then relax at Agora Place when you’re done for the day.

Agora Place Tokyo Asakusa

Agora is a reputable hotel brand with properties in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and Fukuoka. Wherever the property, they always strive to uphold their vision of “A Collection of Beautiful Japan.” Some of Agora’s hotels capture that perfectly like ONE@Tokyo, whose stunning architecture makes a seriously beautiful statement.

As for Agora Place Tokyo Asakusa, location is the biggest draw. Nestled in the heart of Asakusa, Agora Place is just a short trip to some of Tokyo’s best attractions like Senso-Ji Temple, Ueno Park, and Tokyo Skytree. In addition, Tawaramachi Station is just a 2-minute walk from the hotel. So you have easy access to all other Tokyo treasures.

About the Rooms

A comfy hotel bed soaking in the sunshine.

Agora Place offers a variety of rooms ranging from larger, premium rooms to standard semi-doubles. Recently, they have even introduced a bunk bed room. Each of these comes with the essential amenities that you look for in hotels: free Wi-Fi, a flatscreen TV, refrigerator, safe, and so on. That means you get whatever you need no matter which option you choose.

It should be said that the rooms are a bit on the small side. However, this is definitely typical of Tokyo hotels. Agora Place handles this limitation with compact and efficient design. The bunk bed room is a great example of making the most of what you have.

Style Your Stay

Style My Stay allows you to take advantage of free amenities that will make your stay that much more comfortable.

Agora Place prides itself on its Style Your Stay program. In the lobby, there is an array of different amenities that will advance your comfort and wellness. Creams, lotions, facemasks, and more. It’s all there. You can also rent an assortment of products, such as baby strollers, humidifiers, and straightening irons.

Just across from the Style Your Stay section of the lobby is a cute, coffee corner. Help yourself to a cup any time of the day. Apple and orange juice are also offered. Tokyo gets hot and humid during the summer, so juice is a perfect option to quench your thirst.

Agora Place Dining Options

Agora Place offers meals and drinks throughout the day. If you're in the mood for coffee or cocktails, you can stop by.

It should go without saying that Tokyo has a wide range of restaurants. Whether you’re in the mood for ramen, sushi, or soba, you can find several options not far from Agora Place. Nonetheless, you don’t even need to leave the building to get a bite to eat. Agora Place serves food and drinks throughout the day. They have a cozy dining space with sweeping street views. It’s a wonderful spot to enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Booking Agora Place Tokyo Asakusa Hotel

If you want to book a stay, make sure you do so ahead of time. Tokyo is one of the hottest travel destinations in the world. So book your room quick or you will be forced to pay top dollar for one of the luxury resorts. At the time of publishing this review, rates start from roughly $40 per night. However, please double check rates as they will change based on the type of room, time of year, and availability.


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