The Best Time to Visit Stockholm

Stockholm is the hottest destination in Sweden thanks to its beautiful architecture.

Stockholm is a vibrant Scandinavian capital open to new people and new ideas. The city’s innovations in design, music, and fashion attract thousands of tourists every year. Most come during the summer, but don’t let that fool you. The best time to visit Stockholm depends on you and your travel desires.

Seasons in Stockholm

Some like it hot. Some like it cold. Sunny skies or snowy nights? You take your pick. Every season has something to offer in Stockholm. All you need to do is decide which season suits your needs best.


Since the weather remains a but nippy, spring doesn’t see a lot of tourism in Stockholm. But that means it is the perfect time to take advantage of smaller crowds. You can head to one of the numerous museums in the city. Spring is the season that galleries bring in new works and show off what’s trendy and fresh in Sweden.


Summer is a fantastic time to hang out with friends outside and to enjoy outdoor activities.

Summers in Stockholm promise long days with lots of sunshine. In fact, during this time of year, the sun rises as early as 3:30 AM and sets as late as 10:00 PM. That means you have plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors. Take advantage of the bright days and head to the beach or explore one of the many islands.

Life becomes especially festive and active after Midsummer. You can expect lots of parties and cultural festivals. If you want to join the fun, head to Stockholm during June or July. August is a time when a lot of Stockholm residents head on vacation. As a result, many shops and restaurants are closed. So August may not be the best time to visit Stockholm.


Autumn is part of Stockholm’s shoulder season, meaning there will be fewer tourists clogging up the streets. You’ll also have an easier time finding cheap accommodation and cheap flights. That means you can save money and treat yourself to dinner at one of Stockholm’s many amazing restaurants.

As the weather cools down, outdoor activities become especially popular. You can take the opportunity to go hiking or ride a bike around the city. Some outdoor races are also scheduled for this time of year.


Winters in Stockholm are cold and dark. During the shortest days of the year, Stockholm has just over 6 hours of daylight. So if you visit during this time of the year, you better make the most of the limited time.

But don’t get the wrong idea. There is a beauty in Stockholm even under the long night. As the snow falls, Stockholm transforms into a winter wonderland. Ice skating and and bandy games are common sights in the public squares. You’ll also stumble upon a number of Christmas markets. So the atmosphere is as festive and jolly as the summer.

Winter is the best time to visit Stockholm if you want to see a winter wonderland covered in ice and snow.

The truth is every month of the year has something special going on: events, exhibitions, markets, and festivals. So for a true idea of the best time to visit Stockholm, see below for what’s happening each month of the year.


Most Stockholm residents are in hibernation during this time of the year. And that shouldn’t be a surprise since the days are so short and cold. But if you love the snow, this is a good time to take a trip. Other winter activities will still be in full swing. For example, January is the perfect time for ice skating. Kungsträdgården has one of the most popular rinks.

Kungsträdgården is a wonderful place to go ice skating during the winter.


During February, people are starting to wake from their winter haze. While there aren’t many events occurring outside, the city is still eager to express itself. Stockholm Design Week and Stockholm Fashion Week are both key features of the month. For art enthusiasts, the Liljevalchs Spring Salon usually starts up around this time of year. So stop by for the latest trends in art and style.


March begins Stockholm’s shoulder season. It’s a great time to avoid the crowds of tourists and to explore the city in peace. Cheap flights and cheap accommodation are easier to find, which is always a nice bonus.

Museums are an especially good option for this time of year. You’re likely to have the museums all to yourself, allowing for a more personal experience with the art. In addition, the Djurgården gallery holds their springtime launch during March. So you’ll be able to see new pieces from established names and newcomers both.


April is still a bit nippy, so the events are contained to the indoors. But spring holidays free up a lot of time for Stockholmers to enjoy the city’s culture. Museums and galleries take advantage of this with a myriad of pop-ups and temporary venues.


Now that the weather is more appealing and the days are brighter, outdoor activities start to appear. On the Wasahmnen harbor, you’ll find plenty of market stalls popping up for the Archipelago Convention. It’s a popular event for those interested in boats, islands, and all things maritime.

Stockholm Art Week also occurs in May, making it the perfect time to celebrate Stockholm’s vibrant art scene. Art fairs, programs, and pop-ups will keep you busy for your entire stay.

Stockholm is a maritime city with a number of islands and charming boats to get you there.


Thanks to Midsummer, June is perhaps the most important month of the year for Sweden. Traditionally, Midsummer’s Eve is celebrated on the Friday between June 19 and June 25. During this time, Stockholmers head to the countryside to sing, dance, eat, and drink.

You can join the fun at a few places in the city. The largest festival occurs in the open-air museum of Skansen, but you can go to Akalla By if you want a traditional Midsummer away from the bustle of the city.

Midsummer is a pagan celebration of summer and one of the most important holidays in Sweden.


Now that summer has arrived, outdoor events are everywhere. Festivals, parades, sports events, concerts. You name it. Stockholm is also home to one of Europe’s largest pride parades, which occurs in July.

But speaking more generally, July is just a genuinely enjoyable time to visit Stockholm. The warm weather makes it pleasant to walk around, see the sights, and gather with friends outside.


If you enjoy being outside, August is another one of the best times to visit Stockholm. The locals generally take advantage of the end of summer with crayfish parties. At these parties, people enjoy each other’s company by eating tons of crayfish and drinking a healthy amount of aquavit. Eating and drinking are one of the simple pleasures of every good trip. So why not come during August to enjoy it?


Sepember is a great time for outdoor activities. If you want to be active yourself, you can go out for a hike or a peaceful bike ride. Or you can just watch one of the many events going on around you.

Tjejmilen is a women-only, cross-country race held in Stockholm that draws thousands. There is also Lidingöloppet, the largest cross-country event in the world. Whether or not you want to participate, the atmosphere is undeniably amazing.


The crowds of tourists start to fade in October, but it’s still a wonderful time to visit. During October, numerous musical concerts appear all across Stockholm. Jazz lovers can also treat themselves to the Stockholm Jazz Festival.

Also, given that it’s October, you can find some Halloween-related events. The Gröna Lund Amusement Park goes all out on the spooky season. Exciting rides aside, you can find haunted houses and creepy characters galore looking to give you a fright.


Once November hits, Stockholm officially enters the winter season. Snow falls and the ponds freeze over. You’ll find ice skating rinks and Christmas markets popping up here and there. Gamla Stan always holds a beautiful Christmas market if you want to take advantage of the festive atmosphere.

The Stockholm International Film Festival takes place in November as well. The artsy and intellectual films draw a unique crowd. But if you want to join them, book your tickets in advance. The festival gets booked quick


Although December is dark and cold, the atmosphere is still bright and warm. Candlelit shops, decorated homes, and festive markets get everyone in the Christmas mood. Not to mention, mulled wine is plentiful even if the sunshine is not. For those that want to spend the holidays somewhere unique without losing out on the yuletide cheer, Stockholm is a great option.

Christmas markets are a wonderful place to visit in Stockholm to get in the holiday mood.

Whenever you choose to visit Stockholm, you’ll need to plan your trip perfectly to make the most of your travel experience. Get all the travel resources you need right here, and explore new destinations with the King’s Travel.


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