Essential Lightroom Presets (Mobile)


Get my Essential Lightroom Presets Collection for Mobile! These 20 presets are my go-to Lightroom Mobile presets that help in a variety of scenarios.


These presets are designed for the Lightroom Mobile app, which is available for free in the app store. A subscription is not necessary to use this product. You also do not need the desktop software since these presets are not compatible with the desktop version of Lightroom.

Included in the collection are 20 Presets: Baked Goods, Blue Surf, Cool Summer Beach, Dark and Moody, Dark Forest, Dark Ice, Moody Boy, Moody Ice, Mystical Jungle, Ocean Wind, Seashore 1, Seashore 2, Soft Summer, Tropical Cabana 1, Tropical Cabana 2, Urban City, Vintage Cool, Vintage Soft, Washed Out Beach, and Winter. See below for when and how to use them.

  1. Baked Goods- A preset that hones in on gold tones, great for baked goods or warm stone. 
  2. Blue Surf- Great for beach shots where you want to shift aqua colors to a beautiful blue.
  3. Cool Summer Beach- A more stylized preset that pumps some blue into the picture and tones down other colors.
  4. Dark and Moody- This preset boosts dark tones to give the photo a darker and moodier feel.
  5. Dark Forest- Increased contrast and darkened greens make this preset wonderful for forests.
  6. Dark Ice- Darkened cool tones make for dramatic shots of frozen lakes and icy surfaces.
  7. Moody Boy- A stylized look for simple, everyday shots.
  8. Moody Ice- Darkened ice tones and desaturated colors make this preset perfect for moody shots of frozen lakes and ice.
  9. Mystical Jungle- An eerie preset with a green tint and haze. Use in jungles and forests to give them a spooky or mysterious look. 
  10. Ocean Wind- Great for shots on the boat and the open ocean. Cool, bright blues are the star of the show.
  11. Seashore 1- Vibrant aqua tones make this preset wonderful for photos of the seashore.
  12. Seashore 2- For Seashore 2, saturation is toned down while whites and blacks are beefed up. This gives the preset a more dramatic feel than its older brother.
  13. Soft Summer- The temperature is turned up, and the image is softened. The preset gives everything a whimsical, summer feel.
  14. Tropical Cabana 1- A warm and vibrant preset that will capture the turquoise waters and woody tones of a tropical cabana.
  15. Tropical Cabana 2- Another great preset for your tropical vacation, but this time the temperature has been cooled down a tad.
  16. Urban City- This preset ups the contrast and works well with urban environments.
  17. Vintage Cool- Perfect for creating stylish portraits with that vintage feel.
  18. Vintage Soft- A softer vintage look that brings style to the most mundane of objects.
  19. Washed Out Beach- A stylish look that tones down beachy blues and saturates reds. 
  20. Winter- Cold, rosy colors will get you in the mood for Christmas with this winter preset.

Remember you may need a quick adjustment to exposure or other details to fit your photo perfectly. But I hope I’ve done the hard work for you.


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