Tbilisi, Georgia: Things to Do

Nestled between Europe and Asia, Georgia is a unique blend of cultures. And that multiculturalism is best represented in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. The beautiful city boasts some of the best food and wine you’ll find anywhere. You can find traditional dishes, wacky modern takes, and delicious treats from abroad. The architecture varies from charming and ornate to sleek and futuristic. I’m sure you’ll be reaching for your camera constantly.

But the best part about Tbilisi is that it is still a hidden gem. Georgia isn’t on many people’s bucket lists even if it should be. So you don’t need to worry about big crowds or massive price hikes in the summer. Just come and enjoy yourself!

To help plan your trip to Tbilisi, I recommend checking out my Georgia Travel Guide. But I also wanted to share this list of things to do. New adventures are waiting for you, and I want to help you find them.

Rike Park and the Bridge of Peace

At the center of the city is Rike Park, an artsy space by the river with fountains and flowers. It is one of the most popular meeting places in Tbilisi. And the best way to access Rike Park is by walking on the Bridge of Peace.

The Bridge of Peace is a bow-shaped glass and steel structure. It is lit with numerous LEDs that turn it into a brilliant and romantic spot at night. Also, the Bridge of Peace connects Rike Park to Old Tbilisi, another spot you’ll want to check out.

Narikala Fortress

The Narikala Fortress is an ancient structure that has protected Tbilisi for thousands of years.

Archaeologists say there has been a fortress in Tbilisi since the 4th century AD. History has taken its toll on Narikala, but the ancient fortifications are still there. Built atop a hill, Narikala Fortress offers an amazing view of Tbilisi.

The more athletic among you can hike through Old Tbilisi to reach the top. But I recommend taking the cable car from Rike Park. You’ll get a 360-view of the city, and it will only cost you one Lari (about 0.39 USD).

Sulfur Baths of Old Tbilisi

The Orbeliani Bathhouse is a beautiful place to look at, but it's an even better place to treat yourself to a spa day.

If you’re in the neighborhood, head to the sulfur baths in Old Tbilisi. Vacation should be relaxing. So pamper yourself with a spa day. The warm waters in Tbilisi’s sulfur baths are enriched with minerals from deep underground. They’ll help ease your tensions. You can also snap a few pics of the gorgeous Orbeliani Bathhouse.

Meidan Bazar

Not far from the sulfur baths is the Meidan Bazar. The marketplace is located in an underground tunnel, so it’ll keep you cool during the hot, summer days. There you can find all your touristy shopping needs. You can find souvenirs, wine, and traditional, handcrafted trinkets. It’s the perfect place to buy your gifts.

Holy Trinity Cathedral Cathedral

The Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi is the largest orthodox cathedral in Georgia. It's also one of the best places to take photos.

Another great thing to do is see the Holy Trinity Cathedral. Commonly called Sameba, this Tbilisi church is the largest orthodox cathedral in Georgia. Its stunning architecture and glittering, gold dome are perfect for pictures. In fact, it is a favorite spot for wedding photos.

Local Cuisine

Georgian cuisine is absolutely delicious, and khachapuri is one of my favorites. Bread, cheese, butter, and eggs make it so fattening but so good.

If you come to Tbilisi and don’t taste the local Georgian cuisine, then you are crazy. Georgian food is amazing! May I introduce to you khachapuri? It’s a boat of bread filled with butter, cheese, and a runny egg. Scrumptious!

What about khinkali? They’re soup dumplings filled with your choice of mushrooms, potatoes, or meat. You can find them anywhere, and I guarantee you they will always be delicious.

I could go on for ages about how tasty Georgian food is. There are so many wonderful dishes for you to try. But Tbilisi also offers a ton of contemporary meals for the foodies out there. So bring your appetite.


Fabrika is the coolest place to hangout in all of Tbilisi. It has many hip bars, cafes, and studios.

Young, trendy travelers should check out Fabrika, Tbilisi’s hottest hangout spot. Once a Soviet sewing factory, Fabrika is now a multi-purpose space with cafes, bars, art studios, and work spaces. There’s also an artsy and open courtyard where people can chat, chill, and drink.

Oh, and did I mention Fabrika is home to the largest hostel in the area? So, if you vibe with the hip atmosphere, consider staying there. You can enjoy it all day and night.

Flea Market

The “Dry Bridge” flea market is another great place to see if you like all things old and antique. The bridge is covered in an assortment of goods. You’ll find old cameras, traditional jewelry, books, clothing, and much more. Just remember to bargain. If you want a deal, you have to work for it.

The Leaning Clock Tower

The Leaning Clock Tower is a fantastical and iconic building in Tbilisi. It's worth taking a few photos.

As a lover of zany architecture, I love finding fancy buildings worthy of a picture. If you’re like me, then you’ll love the Leaning Clock Tower in Tbilisi. The fantastical building was built as part of a puppet theater. It has both the largest and smallest clock in Tbilisi. You don’t need to enjoy puppets to enjoy this architectural wonder.

Gardenia Shevardnadze

Gardenia Sevardnadze offers beautiful gardens and delicious tea. It's a perfect place to relax in Tbilisi, Georgia.

If you want to escape the tourist center in Tbilisi, head to Gardenia Shevardnadze. This relaxing hideaway has a charming tea house and stunning gardens. You can enjoy a spot of tea and some delicious pastries. It’s a perfect place to get away from the urban hustle and bustle.

Wine Tasting

Napa is known for its expansive vineyards and delicious wine.

Some historians believe Georgia is the birthplace of wine. There is evidence of winemaking from 8,000 years ago! So you absolutely must enjoy the rich winemaking tradition in Georgia. Not far from Tbilisi is the Kakheti region. I recommend taking a day trip to Kakheti. You can see more of the beautiful countryside and get a buzz in the meantime.

Day Trip to Kazbegi

The Russia-Georgia Friendship Monument overlooks the Devil's Valley, another place in Georgia with gorgeous views.

Finally, I encourage you to take a trip outside of Tbilisi to see more of Georgia. Kazbegi is one of the most beautiful regions you’ll see in your life. The mountainous region will take your breath away. So if you have the time, please take a day trip to Kazbegi. You will not regret it even if there are so many amazing things to do in Tbilisi.


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