The Best Hotels in Paris (2023)

Paris is shaping up to be one of the best places to travel in 2023. That means finding a hotel for your trip will definitely be a hassle. There are only a limited number of hotels in Paris, but the amount of competition is incredible. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it will be difficult to find the perfect place in the perfect location at the perfect price. That’s why I took the time to find the best hotels in Paris for you.

If you are looking for luxury hotels, then you are in luck. Paris is the birthplace for many trends in fashion, style, and the finer things in life. So, similar to the hotels of NYC, Paris hotels are some of the most luxurious in the world.

Before we get to the best hotels in Paris, I should mention that I am not sponsored by any of the locations. You are getting my honest opinion from my own experiences and research. Also, prices may have changed since publication. So please double check rates.

10 Best Luxury Hotels in Paris

If you want the perfect experience in Paris, consider staying in one of these luxury hotels. Don’t compromise on anything. You will get the perfect room in the perfect location. And your vacation in Paris will truly feel like paradise.

10. La Réserve Paris Hotel and Spa

La Réserve is an epicurean's delight thanks to its vast range of amenities. Here you'll find a library, smoke lounge, Michelin-starred dining, and wine cellars in suites.
Courtesy of La Réserve

Just off of the Champs-Elysées, La Réserve Paris Hotel and Spa is a stunning hotel with an enviable location. Iconic sights, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Grande Palais, are just a short walk away. But the beauty of the neighborhood is rivaled by the beauty of La Réserve, whose private mansion atmosphere will make anyone feel at ease.

Regarding style, La Réserve evokes the charms of the early 20th century with its refined ornamentations and grand, light-filled spaces. But spacious and stylish areas aren’t what makes this hotel home. The vast range of amenities can please even the most high maintenance of visitors. La Réserve has a library for guests, a smoking lounge, wine cellars in suites, and a restaurant by a 2-Michelin-starred chef.

Price: from $1692
Spa: Yes
Pool: Yes

9. JK Place Paris

JK Place Paris is a boutique accommodation with chic and suave comforts like an underground spa and tiled pool.
Courtesy of JK Place Paris

Although Florentine designer Michele Bönan’s first property outside of Italy, JK Place Paris may be even better than the original. This boutique Paris hotel offers suave, modern décor with the updated comforts to match. Chief among these are the subterranean spa and marble-and-tile swimming pool. JK Place creates the ideal environment where you can relax.

To personalize your stay, JK Place also has an exclusive boat you can book for a trip along the Seine River. On the boat, you’ll find four expertly designed rooms, a private cinema, and an upper deck for yoga, painting, sunset views, and aperitifs. It’s a unique and unbeatable way to experience the beauty of Paris and JK Place simultaneously.

Price: from $1276
Spa: Yes
Pool: Yes

8. Ritz Paris

The Ritz Paris is considered one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. And its reputation is well-deserved. The Ritz has the perfect combination of design, atmosphere, and service.
Courtesy of Ritz Paris

The Ritz Paris is considered one of the most luxurious hotels in the world and one of the best hotels in Paris. But its reputation is well-deserved. Over a century old, the Ritz Paris has always stuck by its lavish style, opulent taste, and impeccable service. And through all this time, it has remained a dominant force in the industry.

Regal adornments and massive suites aside, the Ritz Paris also offers access to unbeatable spa treatments and world-class bars and restaurants. Bar Hemingway, for example, was a favorite of literary royalty and remains a famous stop for epicureans. There is a reason they still aren’t accepting reservations.

Price: from $2095
Spa: Yes
Pool: Yes

7. Mandarin Oriental, Paris

Mandarin Oriental Paris is a luxury hotel with sleek style and unbeatable service. The Michelin-starred dining and to-go cake shop aren't bad options either.
Courtesy of Mandarin Oriental

With several nods to the fashion and art that made Paris famous, Mandarin Oriental isn’t afraid to bring style into the present. This luxury Paris hotel is unabashedly modern with sleek designs and elegant offerings galore. From the spa to the suites, Mandarin Oriental expresses a dedication to creativity and innovation. And yet, the hotel never loses touch with its guests’ needs. After all, Mandarin Oriental is known for its legendary service.

To match the sleek décor, Mandarin Oriental features an inner garden and peaceful dining venues that make it a sanctuary from the bustling city. The dining options in particular set Mandarin Oriental apart. Hotel restaurant Sur Mesure boasts two Michelin stars, Camelia offers all-day dining, and the Cake Shop provides sweet treats to go.

Price: from $1468
Spa: Yes
Pool: Yes

6. Four Seasons Hotel George V

Four Seasons Hotel George V is an iconic, art-deco landmark with legendary dining options and stunning Eiffel Tower views.
Courtesy of Four Seasons

Opened in 1928, Four Seasons Hotel George V is an iconic, art-deco landmark in Paris. With grand and gilded features, this Four Seasons is the epitome of classic, Parisian luxury. The traditional experience is sweetened even more by an incredible location off of the Champs-Elysées and stunning Eiffel Tower views from massive suites.

In addition, Four Seasons Hotel George V is the first hotel in Europe to feature five Michelin stars under one roof. Its three upscale restaurants each provide a distinct culinary experience of equally amazing quality. There is also a legendary wine cellar with over 50,000 bottles. Needless to say, oenophiles will have some great choices.

Price: from $1823
Spa: Yes
Pool: Yes

5. Le Bristol Paris

Le Bristol Paris is a luxury hotel in Paris with an intense devotion to aesthetic beauty.
Courtesy of Le Bristol Paris

Le Bristol Paris expresses an intense devotion to refined aesthetics and luxury experience. The hotel features a massive garden and an indoor rooftop swimming pool with views of Montmartre and the Eiffel Tower. Add in the sensational service and dining options, and you’ve got yourself an icon of French elegance.

Aside from the classics, Le Bristol Paris has made a new addition to its accommodation: Le Bristol After Dark. The new concept will transport you to the golden age of partying with classy splendor, sexy shades of violet light, and a fun mix of cocktails and music. So if you want to loosen up from the hotel’s proper, palatial vibes, you can stay in for a legendary evening.

Price: from $1920
Spa: Yes
Pool: Yes

4. Madame Rêve Hotel

Madame Rêve is one of the most affordable luxury hotels in Paris, and it comes with a massive 10,000-square-foot rooftop restaurant.
Courtesy of Madame Rêve

Although a 5-star hotel like all the others on this list, the Madame Rêve Hotel is easily the most affordable. But a lower price tag does not mean you have to compromise on the essentials. Madame Rêve is located in the heart of Paris, not far from the Louvre and the Gardens of the Palais-Royal. While you can enjoy these surroundings on foot, I recommend hitting the 10,000-square-foot rooftop restaurant. In this massive dining venue, you can see panoramic views of the whole city.

Like the rooftop, Madame Rêve’s 82 rooms and suites capitalize on the extraordinary vistas of the City of Light. A majority of them come with balconies, so you can get a breath of fresh air with your views.

Price: from $485
Spa: Yes
Pool: No

3. Shangri-La Paris

Once the home of Prince Roland Bonaparte, Shangri-La Paris has been redesigned into an elegant Parisian palace.
Courtesy of Shangri-La

Once the home of Prince Roland Bonaparte, Shangri-La Paris has been redesigned into an elegant Parisian palace. This 5-star hotel captures the French art de vivre and boasts incredible views of the Eiffel Tower and River Seine.

No matter how long you stay, you are sure to enjoy Shangri-La’s satisfying blend of European grandeur and Asian hospitality. You also have your pick of wonderful restaurants. I recommend Shang Palace, which was the first Chinese restaurant in Paris to receive a Michelin star.

Price: from $1552
Spa: Yes
Pool: Yes

2. Hotel de Crillon

As one of the best hotels in Paris, Hotel de Crillon exudes elegance and
Courtesy of Hotel de Crillon

Hotel de Crillon personifies the elegant spirit of Paris. Once an 18th century palace, the hotel has preserved the best of its historic roots while pursuing its own luxurious future. Case and point: Bar Les Ambassadeurs. Hotel de Crillon’s lounge bar combines elegant, marble adornments with live music, innovative cocktails, and over 100 champagnes.

The postmodern triumph continues throughout the rest of the hotel, from the barbershop to the beautiful suites. Style oozes out of every corner of Hotel de Crillon. But what makes it one of the best hotels in Paris is the fine comforts like the heated indoor pool and traditional French spa treatments.

Price: from $1613
Spa: Yes
Pool: Yes

1. Cheval Blanc Paris

Cheval Blanc Paris one of the best Paris hotels thanks to its sleek designs, comfortable wellness offerings, and romantic city vistas.
Courtesy of Cheval Blanc

Standing proud along the Seine River is the city’s best hotel: Cheval Blanc Paris. Despite its prominent location, the luxury Paris hotel promises a serene haven for families, lovers, and friends. Design-forward guests will love the bold and contemporary accommodations, which are paired wonderfully with the romantic city vistas.

The hidden secret of Cheval Blanc is its subterranean spa. Bright and lively, the spa is led by Parisian couture icon Christian Dior. To further your wellness you can take a calm retreat at Cheval Blanc’s mosaic infinity pool. You can also go to the salon, where world-class hair artist Rossano Ferretti will help you reveal your true self.

Price: from $1860
Spa: Yes
Pool: Yes

Before You Book

The Eiffel Tower is the most iconic sight in all of France.

Before you book one of the best hotels in Paris, you should take a look at these Paris travel tips. They’ll help you make the most of your trip, avoid the overrated, and sidestep some French faux pas. With my help, you’ll find the perfect hotels in Paris and make the perfect plans to have an unforgettable adventure.


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