The Best Santorini Hotels (2022)

Whether you’re looking for cheap accommodation or the height of luxury, there are a lot of incredible Santorini hotels to choose from. In fact, there are so many options to choose from that it can get overwhelming. And let’s face it. No one wants to spend hours sifting through hotel rates and reviews to find the best Santorini hotels.

But don’t worry. Using my own experience and research, I have put together a list of all the best Santorini hotels. So look no further. If you want a luxury hotel, accommodation on a budget, or a fun hostel, I’ve got you covered. And rest assured. I’m not sponsored by anyone. This is all my honest opinion.

I should also note that hotel prices vary wildly based on the time of the year. So be sure to double check rates before you book.

Best Luxury Santorini Hotels

A fantastic vacation means a fantastic hotel. So don’t compromise. Luxury hotels can get you the perfect room in the perfect location with enough amenities to make your head explode. Stay at one of these places, and you will truly feel like you’re in paradise.

Grace Santorini rated the #1 hotel in Greece and #2 hotel in the world by Travel + Leisure. It is the one of the best Santorini hotels.

Grace Santorini

Grace Santorini was rated the #1 hotel in Greece and #2 hotel in the world by Travel + Leisure. And it’s not hard to see why. From the infinity pool over the sea to the stylish and romantic suites, Grace is a Greek oasis.

From $1,037


Katikies Hotel

Located in the picturesque town of Oia, the Katikies Hotel is a romantic hideaway with perfect sunset views. The hotel offers exceptional services and an intimate atmosphere that’s hard to beat.

From $1,738


Katikies Hotel offers incredible service, phenomenal views of the sea, and the best of luxury Santorini hotels.
One of the best Santorini hotels is Andronis Luxury Suites. Their romantic cave pools are unforgettable.

Andronis Luxury Suites

Andronis Luxury Suites delivers the perfect Santorini hotel experience with traditional architecture and breathtaking scenery. The relaxing spa and romantic cave pools will certainly make your visit unforgettable.

From $1,563


Canaves Oia Luxury Suites

Atop the cliffs of Oia, Canaves Oia Luxury Suites brings together stunning views, modern suites, and thrilling experiences hand-picked for guests. You will get the best experience at this luxury hotel, and their staff will make sure of it.

From $1,724


Canaves Oia Luxury Suites are one of the best luxury Santorini hotels thanks its gorgeous views and thrilling experiences.
The Tsitouras Collection offers all the luxury you'd expect from an 18th mansion.

Tsitouras Collection

The Tsitouras Collection is not like other hotels. It is an 18th mansion with individually designed houses, each with their own personality. That means you get a unique experience without losing out on any of the luxurious amenities you deserve.

From $626


Best Santorini Hotels on a Budget

Some of the best Santorini hotels are on a budget. So don’t worry about sacrificing quality to save money. You can still get the perfect travel experience while staying some place convenient, comfortable, and affordable.

Stelios Place is a gorgeous hotel with amazing views and a short walk to the beach.

Stelios Place

Stelios Place is a family-run hotel with all the simple necessities to make your vacation enjoyable. But best of all are the mountain views and the 2-minute walk to Perissa Beach. You can’t beat the location.

From $100


Kavalari Hotel

Once a captain’s house, Kavalari Hotel is a charming hotel with breathtaking views of the sunset. It also offers cave apartments to give you a special taste of traditional Santorini architecture.

From $145


Kavalari Hotel is an affordable hotel with breathtaking views and traditional Santorini architecture.
San Giorgio Hotel is a modern hotel conveniently located in the center of Fira. It's well-known as one of the best Santorini hotels.

San Giorgio Hotel

San Giorgio Hotel is a newly renovated hotel with a convenient location in Fira. Aside from the central location, it features a friendly atmosphere and cozy rooms. It’s the perfect place to relax after a day on the beach.

From $148


Costa Marina Villas

Tucked away in a quiet district of Fira, Costa Marina Villas is the perfect place for a relaxing vacation stay. You get traditional architecture and a central location without the crazy commotion of the city.

From $151


Costa Marina Villas is a relaxing vacation stay in sunny Santorini.
King Thiras Hotel is an affordable hotel with a short walk from all the attractions and restaurants in Fira.

King Thiras Hotel

Another conveniently located spot, King Thiras Hotel is a short walk to all the attractions and restaurants in Fira. It has everything you could need at an unbeatable price.

From $66


Best Santorini Hostels

Hostels are one of the best forms of cheap accommodation. But they’re also a great place to meet new people and get great tips about the area. And in Santorini, hostels are also a hub for parties, making them perfect for younger travelers.

Caveland is a Santorini hostel known for its cozy cave accommodation.


As the name suggests, Caveland is known for its 8 traditional caves. But it also offers a great experience located on a winery in a local village. Not to mention, you’ll benefit from the great pool and communal area.

From $50

Bedspot Hostel

Bedspot Hostel is a chic hostel that boasts stylish and comfortable accommodation at budget prices. That way you don’t have to compromise on your dream vacation.

From $30

Bedspot Hostel is a chic and cozy hostel in central Fira, Santorini.
Fira Backpackers Place is a budget location in the heart of Santorini.

Fira Backpackers Place

Fira Backpackers Place gives you all the essentials you could want from a hostel: central location, clean living spaces, and an affordable price. No fuss. Only fun.

From $40

Youth Hostel Anna

Just 2 minutes from Perissa Beach, Youth Hostel Anna gives you an unforgettable experience for an unforgettable price. You can stay on the beach all day or explore the city with the money you saved staying here. The staff will be happy to help no matter what you need.

From $25

Youth Hostel Anna is a wonderful budget hostel in Santorini with a close walk to the beach.
Villa Manos is a wonderful hotel for group travelers that want a taste of luxury.

Villa Manos

Villa Manos isn’t a hostel per say. It’s actually a 4-star hotel. But it is a great spot for group travelers. Prices are per room, so you can split the price among your companions. It will be just as cheap. Besides, you can’t beat the gorgeous pool and breathtaking views.

From $180

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