Best Luxury NYC Hotels

The Mark is a polished luxury hotel with a distinct Art Deco style that you can't resist.

New York is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations. But it’s also one of the most extravagant locations. From the world-class art museums to the Michelin-starred restaurants, NYC always delivers the ultimate, cosmopolitan experience. The top luxury NYC hotels complement that experience with a wealth of amenities, breathtaking views, and rooms you’ll never want to leave.

Top 10 Luxury New York Hotels

Whatever you value in a hotel, whatever your style, you can find the perfect match for you. Whether you want a view of the river or proximity to some of the world’s best museums, you’ll find it in my list of the 10 best luxury New York hotels. Ratings were based on the quality of service and facilities, as well as location and overall value. All photos come courtesy of the respective hotel.

10. Equinox Hotel

One of the best luxury NYC hotels, the Equinox Hotel delivers a strong focus on feeling your best with its wide array of comforts and wellness-focused amenities.

With a focus on fitness, the Equinox Hotel suits guests that rest as hard as they work. During your stay, you will have access to all the latest in wellness routines: massages, cryotherapy, IV vitamin drips, and more. You can power through your workout with a personal trainer or take a swim in the gorgeous rooftop pool.

But you don’t need to be a fitness nut or muscle head to stay at the Equinox. Here the priority is more about feeling your best than adhering to strict diets and workout regimens. And they make it so easy with spacious rooms decked out with massive showers and downy beds. Their up and coming Hudson Yards location offers wonderful river views as well.

If you’re looking to renew and refresh, the Equinox Hotel may be the best place for you.

Price: from $581
Spa: Yes
Pool: Yes

9. The Plaza Hotel

The Plaza Hotel is the spitting image of opulence with its gilded furniture and crystal chandeliers.

As far as top luxury NYC hotels go, the Plaza Hotel is iconic. The hotel has been a mainstay of New York since 1907, and has been featured in multiple cultural works, such as The Great Gatsby. Much like Gatsby, the Plaza is defined by glitz and grandeur. Think gilded mirrors and crystal chandeliers.

To complement the old world charm, the Plaza also provides modern amenities. You can treat yourself at the Guerlain Spa or Warren Tricomi Salon. Or you can head to the elegant Rose Club Lounge for some classic and craft cocktails.

If you feel like exploring the city, you’ll appreciate the Plaza’s central location. The hotel is just off of Central Park, and the city’s best restaurants and landmarks aren’t far away either.

One word describes the Plaza Hotel: opulence.

Price: from $729
Spa: Yes
Pool: No

8. The Beekman

The Beekman Hotel is housed in one of the first Manhattan skyscrapers. It features a stunning, 10-story atrium that will leave your jaw on the floor.

The Beekman Hotel is located in one of Manhattan’s first skyscrapers, making it an architectural treasure. And while the Beekman celebrates the history of its building, it doesn’t stay trapped in the past. You’ll find a variety of contemporary art accompanying the numerous vintage features. The unique combination draws a chic crowd and provides an incomparable experience.

Dubbing itself the living room of downtown Manhattan, the Beekman is a space that begs to be lived in. And no room in the hotel exhibits this better than the Bar Room, which sits at the bottom of a 10-story, glass-ceiling atrium. If you’re feeling peckish, you have a number of incredible restaurants to choose from. One of these is Le Gratin, a Bouchon Lyonnais brought to you by world-renowned Chef Daniel Boulud.

For a stay with class and old world charm, come to the Beekman Hotel.

Price: from $440
Spa: No. But they do offer in-room spa services.
Pool: No

7. The Chatwal

The Chatwal Hotel used to be a hangout for actors back in the day. But it has since grown and evolved into one of the top luxury NYC hotels with its stunning terraces and bar.

Compared to the other luxury New York hotels on the list, the Chatwal Hotel has perhaps the best location. Located on 44th street, the hotel is in the heart of the city, surrounded by the best in entertainment, shopping, and dining. In fact, the Chatwal used to be an actors’ hangout called the Lambs Club.

The building has since been updated from its thespian roots by famous architect Thierry Despont. Guided by his masterful vision, the hotel features spacious suites with wall-to-wall mirrors in the bathroom, stunning balconies, and an effortless art deco style. For true comfort, watch your worries wash away in the underground spa. Still not satisfied? Don’t worry. The professional butler service will help remedy any issues you might have.

Perfect location meets perfect service.

Price: from $1,045
Spa: Yes
Pool: Yes

6. The Ritz-Carlton, Central Park

The Ritz-Carlton is a luxury brand you can trust. Its Central Park hotel offers stunning views of the park and the city skyline.

The Ritz-Carlton is one of the most recognizable names in the luxury industry, and there’s a reason for it. Every inch of the hotel exudes opulence and style. And the amenities are fit to match. I have two words for you: Caviar Massage.

Dining and drinking options are top of the notch as well. The newly opened Contour offers wine tastings and private dinners that exemplify the luxury dining experience. From breakfast to late-night cocktails, there is always some culinary concoction to savor.

Another great feature of the Ritz is its views of Central Park. Some rooms even have telescopes so you can spy on the beautiful park below or the stunning buildings that surround it. Honestly, it should be no surprise the Ritz is one of the top luxury NYC hotels.

The Ritz reflects the best of New York’s wealth and style.

Price: from $1,535
Spa: Yes
Pool: No

5. The Baccarat Hotel

From the crystal manufacturer, the Baccarat Hotel is a stunning New York accommodation with sleek glass and crystal everywhere.

If you’re familiar with Baccarat, the luxury crystal manufacturer, then you should have an idea what their hotel looks like. The Baccarat Hotel is a sparkling paradise of crystal and glassware. Brilliant chandeliers meet sleek, white marble in accommodations fit for royalty. Baccarat doesn’t shy away from its opulent roots. It doubles down and spares no expense.

Here you’ll also find the only spa in the states by cult beauty brand La Mer. So you can be sure your stay will be both elegant and comfortable. Add onto that comfort with a trip to the outdoor terrace or the wonderful Grand Salon restaurant.

The crowd at the Baccarat is generally quite stylish and artistic. This is no doubt due to the hotel’s close proximity to the Museum of Modern Art. For art lovers, you can’t find a more convenient location.

Chic and shameless. Prestigious and proud.

Price: from $820
Spa: Yes
Pool: Yes

4. Mandarin Oriental

The Mandarin Oriental, New York offers impressive views of the city while providing some of the best in comfort and wellness.

Just off of Columbus Circle, Mandarin Oriental, New York offers gorgeous vistas of the Hudson, Central Park, and the city skyline itself. The hotel capitalizes on these incredible views in every room and in their charming MO Lounge. While you can admire these sights from above, the Mandarin’s location also puts you in walking distance from some of the city’s most prestigious shops and restaurants, such as Thomas Keller’s Per Se.

Another notable feature is the Mandarin Oriental’s spa. Having received numerous awards, the spa is a destination in its own right. From detox wraps and attentive massages to the latest in beauty treatments, you’ll find everything you need to look and feel your best. Add that to the other amazing amenities, and it’s no wonder the Mandarin Oriental is one of the top 5 best luxury NYC hotels.

The Mandarin Oriental combines comfort and wellness with swanky style and beauty.

Price: from $740
Spa: Yes
Pool: Yes

3. Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown

Four Seasons Hotel New York is a sleek and beautiful hotel with a warm and friendly staff that make you feel at home.

Another big name in the business, Four Seasons is a luxury brand you can trust. In their downtown Manhattan iteration, sleek, contemporary style meets comfortable luxury. The atmosphere is more subdued and cozy than some of the other hotels on the list. But that makes it a perfect environment for relaxation. The seven room spa and heated lap pool don’t hurt either.

Well-to-do families and traveling executives are among the numerous guests that come to enjoy the hotel’s plentiful amenities and open and alluring suites. Many locals also stop by to dine at CUT, Wolfgang Puck’s first Manhattan restaurant. So you’re definitely in for a good meal.

I should also mention the service, which is friendly and professional. The staff will get you anything that you need, whether it’s childcare or a helicopter transfer. Even so, the people of Four Seasons aren’t stuffy or pretentious. They are genuinely nice and a pleasure to interact with.

All things luxury without the fuss.

Price: from $925
Spa: Yes
Pool: Yes

2. The Mark Hotel

The Mark is a polished luxury NYC hotel with a distinct Art Deco style that you can't resist.

The Mark Hotel is a bastion of the Upper East Side. Situated by Central Park and the Museum Mile, the Mark is perfectly located for a culturally rich stay. But it’s polished luxury and sexy style that draws travelers to the hotel.

Modern light fixtures and contemporary, Art Deco designs give the Mark an air of refined elegance. The rooms are lavish and cozy with stunning, marble bathrooms and downy beds you’ll never want to leave. That is until you get hungry, in which case you’ll have to visit the Mark Restaurant. The chic eatery is driven by the elevated concepts of globally-acclaimed Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

You might also want to head to the Frédéric Fekkai Salon. Here you can get a personalized hair and beauty treatment from the renowned celebrity stylist himself. And that’s all without leaving the building.

Polished, pretty, and effortlessly so.

Price: from $995
Spa: No
Pool: No

1. The Carlyle

The Carlyle is a New York legend and one of the best luxury NYC hotels you'll find. Its elegance is incomparable, which is probably why so many celebrities are loyal patrons.

The Upper East Side doesn’t define The Carlyle so much as The Carlyle defines the Upper East Side. The bright and elegant building is a mainstay of the community, and has always drawn the most elite of guests, such as George Clooney and Wes Anderson. You need only watch the 2018 documentary Always at The Carlyle to see why New York’s best love the joint so much.

While The Carlyle’s exclusive luxury cannot be denied, another great aspect of the hotel is its variety. As a residential co-op, the hotel has undergone numerous changes in style, making it a bit of a mishmash. Even so, the Carlyle has never lost its comfort or its cool. Just look at the dark and atmospheric lobby with its moody, marble floors.

Luxurious history and style aside, The Carlyle is also known for the Bemelmans Bar. The bar is famous for its martinis, which you can and should enjoy from noon to midnight. It has also featured many performances over the years by the likes of Alan Cumming and Debbie Harry.

The Carlyle, a New York legend for New York legends, and the best of luxury NYC hotels.

Price: from $770
Spa: Yes
Pool: No

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